Tuesday, April 5

Lock Jaw

This frightens me.


Bee said...

This terrifies me. Gahhh.


leoele said...

Most dentists would know more about this than a general practitioner, as they spend a large quantity of time studying the TMJ and occlusion. The popsicle splint is completely unnecessary. Really all that has happened is a dislocation of the jaw joint. Rather than try to close the jaw, you have to push the condyle of the mandible backwards into the glenoid fossa, and then the mouth will close.

Wow. I'm such a nerd, but I guess that's what I get for being in dental school.

Oh, and you shouldn't worry about this happening to you. This girl has a shallow TMJ joint, so it just slides out of place from time to time. Dislocation of pretty much any other joint in the body would hurt much worse than this.

Sophie said...

When they put her jaw back in place, it was officially the worst noise I have ever heard.

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