Thursday, March 26

I'm a big NERD and here's why (today anyway!):

I'd like to discuss a few things today that I care about. Yes, they are nerdy and lame, but I guess we all need to come to terms with the fact that that's who I am! It's not news to any of you, I'm sure.

1- I love oatmeal! I used to hate it... but that was when I had some options in the morning. BUT now I can't get enough! And good thing it's a dollar for a box of instant at the Walmart... that feeds me for a week and a half! And guess what? Shocker: oatmeal is actually really good for you! Bonus! I still hate oatmeal cookies, though. Get the freaking healthy stuff out of my dessert! Whoever invented oatmeal raisin cookies is a fool. But now that I think about it... my 2nd favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream (2nd to Cherry Garcia. Mmmm!) is Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. It is simply delicious. I have issues.

2- I'm a geeky closet fan of and! I love all the gear and outdoor clothing... but I never seem to buy anything. Typical. Great news, though! For my company last year, I purchased some Northface jackets for everyone and got some 'reward points' and with those reward points I can buy more stuff! So look what I ordered today and I'm actually getting it completely free!!! Love it!

3- I am a bookworm! I will read anything, but I do appreciate a really well written book. If any of you have read something really great lately - let me know! I love love love a good book. Right now, I'm being super nerdy and I'm currently halfway done a children's fantasy book: Fablehaven 4 by Brandon Mull. Yes. It's the 4th book in the series. Yes. I've read the previous 3 books and absolutely loved them. They are quick, easy to read, and well written. Obviously they are for children, but hey, they are good. They are the perfect books for when you have tons of homework and you want just a quick break. Or if you're on vacation and you want a book you can start and finish in a day or two. The author is a guy who lives here in Utah and I got my book at Deseret Book. How sweet. Has anyone else read these? Am I the only one?

Yup! Total nerd. But that's why you love me, right?

Wednesday, March 18

Big Love of the Temple

So I'm pretty sure you've all heard about the HBO show 'Big Love' putting LDS temple ceremonies on tv... LAME! (go here to read more about it)

In response, the Church released this video and I love it!

Tuesday, March 17

A LOVE letter to Natey-Poo

Dear Nate,

You are my older brother, so I love you. You just had a birthday and I want to dedicate this post to you! Here are a few reasons why I love you:
  1. You are SO funny. Seriously, you make me laugh so hard! Remember when we went to a movie back in December? We were sitting in a packed theater to see Valkerie, and we get to the end of the previews and the THX digital thing comes on and you begin to hum along to the ever increasing loud noise in the same pitch. All of a sudden, the sound in the theater stops but your high pitched screech does not. Everyone in the whole theater turns to look at this big burly bearded man singing a horribly high note in falsetto - priceless! Everyone in the theater starts laughing along with me and the beginning of the movie is ruined. SO FUNNY!
  2. You dress well. You do!
  3. You have great taste in food. I respect that.
  4. You are way fun to hang out with.
  5. You love technology.
  6. You do what you want.
  7. You have some sweet vehicles.
  8. You love your family like crazy. I love that.
  9. You don't take crap from nobody.
  10. Your wife is a rad girl. (This one is indirectly about you: You have good taste in women.)
So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nate! Love you!

Love your favorite sister of all time,


Monday, March 16

Yeeeeah! Spring Break!

Midterms are over and I'm officially out of school for a whole stinking week! Now I can work more... and blog more. I'm living the dream, I tell you!

So I had a great weekend!


Last night I had dinner with the family - fun stuff! We had a kick-A Sunday dinner of roast and mashed potatoes. Heaven. Then we had a family home evening that was hilarious. I love my brothers. They're great. Then we spent the night rockin' out on Guitar Hero. I suck at it! I cannot move passed medium. I'm pathetic. The highlights of Sunday: 1- When my brother Nate said something sentimental, my other brother Aaron made a heart with his hands and looked through them and said, "Natey, smile, you're on heart cam." HILARIOUS. 2- My dad packed up the leftovers for me and called them my 'care packages'. Aaron then renamed them my 'stimulus packages'. So funny!


Saturday night was a blast! I got all dressed up and I went to the opera with a good friend. I love the opera. If anyone ever wants to go... I'm your girl! We saw The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart. It was really well done! I seriously cannot wait until it's me up on that stage!


Friday I had a choir concert. Bleh. The weirdest thing happened! A cute little 18-year-old boy who is in the orchestra came up to me at the after party and did the strangest thing! He grabbed my choir folder out from under my arm and smacked me on the nose with it. Then he threw the folder down and my music went everywhere.... Yeah, weirdest thing ever! So I'm standing there in shock and he starts to feel bad. So he gives me a hug but forgets that he has a full cup of punch in his hand... he poured half of it down the back of my dress!! Then he ran away. The best part about it all was that there were like 20 people just staring at me in disbelief. Yeah. It seems pretty funny now, but at the time it was quite traumatic. Typical me.

Hands down, the best thing about this weekend was the BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!! You better believe I put the top down on my car all weekend, baby!

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