Thursday, March 26

I'm a big NERD and here's why (today anyway!):

I'd like to discuss a few things today that I care about. Yes, they are nerdy and lame, but I guess we all need to come to terms with the fact that that's who I am! It's not news to any of you, I'm sure.

1- I love oatmeal! I used to hate it... but that was when I had some options in the morning. BUT now I can't get enough! And good thing it's a dollar for a box of instant at the Walmart... that feeds me for a week and a half! And guess what? Shocker: oatmeal is actually really good for you! Bonus! I still hate oatmeal cookies, though. Get the freaking healthy stuff out of my dessert! Whoever invented oatmeal raisin cookies is a fool. But now that I think about it... my 2nd favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream (2nd to Cherry Garcia. Mmmm!) is Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. It is simply delicious. I have issues.

2- I'm a geeky closet fan of and! I love all the gear and outdoor clothing... but I never seem to buy anything. Typical. Great news, though! For my company last year, I purchased some Northface jackets for everyone and got some 'reward points' and with those reward points I can buy more stuff! So look what I ordered today and I'm actually getting it completely free!!! Love it!

3- I am a bookworm! I will read anything, but I do appreciate a really well written book. If any of you have read something really great lately - let me know! I love love love a good book. Right now, I'm being super nerdy and I'm currently halfway done a children's fantasy book: Fablehaven 4 by Brandon Mull. Yes. It's the 4th book in the series. Yes. I've read the previous 3 books and absolutely loved them. They are quick, easy to read, and well written. Obviously they are for children, but hey, they are good. They are the perfect books for when you have tons of homework and you want just a quick break. Or if you're on vacation and you want a book you can start and finish in a day or two. The author is a guy who lives here in Utah and I got my book at Deseret Book. How sweet. Has anyone else read these? Am I the only one?

Yup! Total nerd. But that's why you love me, right?


Kelli Whitney said...

Katie! I love you and your blog! You are a nerd and that is why I love you.

Brett said...

So I actually work with Brandon Mull's sister, Summer, at Adobe. Small world. I hear good stuff about that book series but I haven't read it myself.

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