Tuesday, March 17

A LOVE letter to Natey-Poo

Dear Nate,

You are my older brother, so I love you. You just had a birthday and I want to dedicate this post to you! Here are a few reasons why I love you:
  1. You are SO funny. Seriously, you make me laugh so hard! Remember when we went to a movie back in December? We were sitting in a packed theater to see Valkerie, and we get to the end of the previews and the THX digital thing comes on and you begin to hum along to the ever increasing loud noise in the same pitch. All of a sudden, the sound in the theater stops but your high pitched screech does not. Everyone in the whole theater turns to look at this big burly bearded man singing a horribly high note in falsetto - priceless! Everyone in the theater starts laughing along with me and the beginning of the movie is ruined. SO FUNNY!
  2. You dress well. You do!
  3. You have great taste in food. I respect that.
  4. You are way fun to hang out with.
  5. You love technology.
  6. You do what you want.
  7. You have some sweet vehicles.
  8. You love your family like crazy. I love that.
  9. You don't take crap from nobody.
  10. Your wife is a rad girl. (This one is indirectly about you: You have good taste in women.)
So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nate! Love you!

Love your favorite sister of all time,


1 comment:

Aaron said...

I'm still her favorite brother.

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