Tuesday, July 7

Summer Reading Cont.

Book Review #2

Did you read Kite Runner? If you haven't yet, do it. I'm serious. It was amazing. I won't talk too much about that because I read that book a while ago. The book I just read is the next book that Khaled Hosseini wrote - A Thousand Splendid Suns. I really loved this book because it focused on the lives of women in Afganistan rather than the men. The story follows two women over a span of several years and portrayed what they have gone through in the last 30 years with leadership changes and violent war and what that meant to the way they lived on a day to day basis. Families were ripped apart through carnage and death... but no matter what situation they found themselves in - they could find love and family in the people that shared their circumstance. The book starts out kind of slow and for a bit you wonder where it could be going, but then it starts to pick up with emotional events that keep you totally involved. I loved this book and I absolutely recommend it.

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Aaron said...

I would totally read it, but you know I'm already wrapped up in a splendid series...

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