Wednesday, July 8

Oh, Bev. Happy Birthday.

To my mother who made this blog possible by birthing me. Thank you mom for all that you do. Dearest Maude (short for Madre... that's our thing you know. I come up with witty names for her and she answers to them. I think I called her 'Muth' short for mother for a few years. Maude is my favorite though, I think), you are so beautiful and so talented. Whether it's your garden, your house, or your own sassy style - I can always count on you to be totally hip and classy. You've taught me so much! Thank you thank you thank you for everything! I love you! And seriously... YOU DO NOT LOOK 60!!

Can we all just agree that this is the most sweetest little toddler picture ever??

Are you seeing that face? Sheesh, so cute.

Total babeness even at 14. She wins.

Kids everywhere.

While building our house. Look at her hair. Look at baby Aaron. That's all I'm gonna say.

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Sarah said...

So I know I just commented, but holy cow! Such neat pictures. I loved looking at them. One time your mom said that pictures of her when she was a little girl looked like me. They kinda do!

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