Thursday, October 2

I Heart Halloween!!

Seriously, though!

I think it all started when I was little - my mom would make it a big deal to put out the Halloween decorations and I would look forward to it every year. Love it! And since I'm a big nerd and interior design and decorating thrills me - I love collecting ideas for the future. Not that I'm not allowed to decorate my little house right now, but... as a starving student, resources are limited, you know?
Ok, so I must add that I am very particular on decorations. I really like all the cutesy stuff, but I would prefer a more subdued theme for Halloween. I think maybe when I have little kiddies of my own, I'll like the crafts and such, but for now... no. Here are some really cute ideas for different and/or unusual pumpkin decor:

I love this! Easy, simple and different.

Ok, this one is so cute! You use cookie cutters to make the shapes you want.

This one is really cool. I'm way into all things metallic lately, so this one is a fav. You can either spray paint the pumpkins with gold, silver, bronze, whatever or you can put actual gold leafing on them. I couldn't find a picture of the gold leafing pumpkins, but they are beautiful!

This one is so cute! You paint tin cans whatever color and then punch holes in for the faces. I love that they are a little bit robotic. And you can stack them like in this picture - Love this one!

Have any good ideas? Let me know!

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