Tuesday, August 31

Arcade Fire or bust

Thank you to the always lovely Michelle, for showing me this amazing video from Arcade Fire - a long time favorite band of mine. Ok, so you must check out this video - it's a personalized interactive thing that made my day! You have to see it to really understand. So do it and then let me know what you think. At one point in the vid, you're prompted to make a postcard - I was flustered and unprepared, but I think it turned out pretty rad:

Monday, August 30

Scary Mary

This weather has got me thinking about my favorite scary movie:

Friday, August 27


Yay for the weekend! I have a pretty good one planned: a 6-Year High School Reunion (don't ask),  a temple date (I don't usually or ever, but hey, what have I got to lose?), solid plans to clean the inside of my car (Aaron, I promise!), and dinner with friends at Ruth's Diner (love that place). Here are some gems to tide you over until next week.

My favorite blonde joke (TGIF).

My favorite new music website. Seriously I'm obsessed.

Did you see the forecast for the weekend? I, for one, loooooove the rain. Bring it!

Saw 'She & Him' last night with my homegirl Zooey. Pretty great stuff. Was told that I need to dye my hair brown if I ever want to be taken seriously by men. Thanks for the advice!

I love etsy.com so much. I am going to do a post on my favorite things from Etsy in the near future, but for now enjoy this little shop that really makes me happy. (my favorite is "Harvest Joy")

This is so something Mike would do.

Remember the Quizno's commercials with little rats? They now have ones with kittens. Please no. It's freaky.

I kind of want this. I would dress her in the same outfit I was wearing and document my life in style with my mini me.

I need this. I fall asleep in public on a regular basis.

Honestly, this is horrible! Morbid, really.

And lastly, did you know I was in an a cappella group? HA. Yep. Nerdy, but awesome.

Thursday, August 26

This makes me slightly uncomfortable

and I'm not sure why, but it does. I kind of love it with all my heart! And I will say that Allen the lint dog is my favorite part.

Wednesday, August 18

Don't tweet and drive

Oh my goodness. This guy:

Dr. Frank Ryan (plastic surgeon to the rich and famous) Died because he was tweeting about his dog while driving. His dog. His DOG!! He drove off a cliff and died. I don't know whether to laugh or cry because this is just so darn ridiculous! Here's his last fatal tweet.

Saturday, August 14

I love tiny things a lot

Check out this amazing blog! This person leaves tiny people around Europe to fend for themselves... Love it!

Friday, August 13

Heaps of Hipster

Secretly, I want to be a hipster. So outwardly, I mock them. This commercial is so stinkin' thorough with their hipster stereotyping - I love it! They even have people knitting in the back - classic hipster pastime. The only thing that would make it totally and utterly hipster is if one of the kids was wearing a Jimmy Johns delivery boy jersey. Just sayin'.

When I'm a Momma

I'm gonna make these for my kids. Fun, huh?

Wednesday, August 11

Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light

This video is heartbreaking and incredible. I was in a singles ward last year where this guy and his new wife spoke in our sacrament meeting and he and his new wife are amazing people. Simply the best examples of true disciples.

Optical Illusion Girlfriend

Tuesday, August 10

I love tiny things

Wouldn't this be kind of fun to have? Come on, it has a tiny fireplace.

Monday, August 9

Day full o' pics

Ok ok I'm sorry this is the last one today but this is hilarious! Some people's children I swear (and I don't mean the kid with the ice cream).

Target Special

Saw this at Target on Saturday and it was sad how much I really wanted to get it. To see my little dog running around with a cape on would be hilarious. I still may get it.

Goat Heels


Saturday, August 7

I am not ok with this

Also, this little video of a 'flesh eating' roly poly sea bug is not ok either.

Friday, August 6

This happened

I love my car. It's name is Lonesome Dove. Yes, I know. We are two peas in a pod - and apparently in more ways than one! Yesterday as I was driving home from work, I learned that my car is also a potty mouth!

I don't want to go to there

Ew. Gross outfit, Tina!

Thursday, August 5

Teach Me Tommy

Thank you to Nessa for sending me this very uplifting video so I could share it with all of you! I love spoofy Mormon videos. As for Tom - he's just crazy. There really is no denying it people.

Little Twit

My brothers and I go out to lunch sometimes and sometimes it's really awesome. One time a few weeks ago, as we were sitting on the patio of Jimmy Johns, my big brother Nate, tweets this:

He kills me!

Wednesday, August 4


Ok fine! I admit it. I watched the Bachelorette. Avidly. It's over now, and in honor of the season ending, here is a clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live that sums up the whole show pretty darn good:

I really just want to dance

Thanks to my girl Heather for posting this! I feel the exact same way.

Monday, August 2


This is me at Ward Prayer last night. Isn't the sky amazing?? I had a feeling that it would be that way so I coordinated my outfit with the sunset. I'm that good.

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