Friday, August 27


Yay for the weekend! I have a pretty good one planned: a 6-Year High School Reunion (don't ask),  a temple date (I don't usually or ever, but hey, what have I got to lose?), solid plans to clean the inside of my car (Aaron, I promise!), and dinner with friends at Ruth's Diner (love that place). Here are some gems to tide you over until next week.

My favorite blonde joke (TGIF).

My favorite new music website. Seriously I'm obsessed.

Did you see the forecast for the weekend? I, for one, loooooove the rain. Bring it!

Saw 'She & Him' last night with my homegirl Zooey. Pretty great stuff. Was told that I need to dye my hair brown if I ever want to be taken seriously by men. Thanks for the advice!

I love so much. I am going to do a post on my favorite things from Etsy in the near future, but for now enjoy this little shop that really makes me happy. (my favorite is "Harvest Joy")

This is so something Mike would do.

Remember the Quizno's commercials with little rats? They now have ones with kittens. Please no. It's freaky.

I kind of want this. I would dress her in the same outfit I was wearing and document my life in style with my mini me.

I need this. I fall asleep in public on a regular basis.

Honestly, this is horrible! Morbid, really.

And lastly, did you know I was in an a cappella group? HA. Yep. Nerdy, but awesome.


Robby Spratt said...

Ok, so I pretty much love your blog, but this may be my favorite post so far. Well...the red headed babies post was pretty dang cool.
Anyway, I love Ruth's! Have you had their meatloaf burger? Amazing!
I'm interested to hear more about this temple date. I don't think I've ever done one of those. At least not with someone I wasn't in a relationship with.
I like the rain too! Bring it on.
Apparently I am stalking you...but you knew that already.
That Barbie doll kind of freaks me out. With that camera necklace thing it looks more like "Tracheotomy Barbie."
Finally, you are amazing, and a cappella is cool. I really should start your fan club...

Kellie said...

So just for the record, I am MINUTES, literally, from Ruth's and East High School! You should probably call me when singing at either place :)
Love ya; we should still do lunch one day because I live on campus!

Michael C. Hanks said...

HAHAHA! Love it! But, what "mike" were you talking about?

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