Friday, August 13

Heaps of Hipster

Secretly, I want to be a hipster. So outwardly, I mock them. This commercial is so stinkin' thorough with their hipster stereotyping - I love it! They even have people knitting in the back - classic hipster pastime. The only thing that would make it totally and utterly hipster is if one of the kids was wearing a Jimmy Johns delivery boy jersey. Just sayin'.


Robby Spratt said...

Don't be a hipster. I secretly hate hipsters.

tybunnell said...

I absolutely loved this. soph told me about this and said that she didn't get most of the things about it. I just want to say that I was a jimmy johns delivery boy, I have a fixie, I have knitted myself a scarf, I have a mooooostache, and I am not a hipster.
Thank you katie P

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