Monday, February 8

Today Rules

So I walked to the Mav from work day (Maverick gas station... Adventures first stop... you know the one) and guess what is back people?!?!?

Yes. I heart them. They are so yummy and so amazing. I brought them back to work and everyone had to try them. They were then dubbed the Crack Cocaine M&M's because they are so yummy and addicting! (Yes, I went back for a second bag and yes, the very classy the Mav worker girl teased me. Not my proudest moment.) Please go and get some before M&M takes them away from us again.

Then - as I was walking back to the trailer that my office is in, I was spotted by my boss who was in a building across the street. Not that I was in any trouble, but the fact that he saw me and took a picture of me and then emailed it to me.... Most hilarious/creepy thing ever. You gotta know my boss - he is a gem.

Next my dear friend and coworker, Auty, introduced me to all the amazingness that is David Hasselhoff. I have no idea why I hadn't seen any of his music videos until now... So thanks, Auty!

Oh, and I found this pic of the Hoff and I could not resist... It is so stinking funny. So true to the Hoff's craziness! Ha! (sorry for the profane picture, people, but it was necessary for my soul that I share this classic puppy porn pic)

And lastly, tonight I have my first private piano lessons! Yes, I'm starting them up again. As a music major I have to take a group piano proficiency class - which I totally suck at! I just can't learn in a group environment like that. And I need my teacher to be a bit reasty - like she won't be afraid to scold me if I'm suckin' it up. I'm so excited!!


Autumn said...

I am glad my life's work is in the smallest way complete by sharing with you my love for the Hoff. I try to spread the word of his blessed videos. I hope many peoples lives become more enriched by having seen these videos via your blog. Also can we please note the perfect placement of the David Hasselhoff picture directly above the Conan picture in the exact same position. I don't think it could have turned out better if you tried.

Teddy and Scotty said...

okay okay okay first things first, COCOUNUT m&m's?!! I've never heard of such a delicious thing in my life. I bet they are to die for! So are they coconut flavored? Or actually filled with coconut goodness? I must know so I can try. Genius invention. Next, the Hoff is nast. I can't believe you put up that reasty pic. And you didn't tell me you were starting up piano lessons, that's awesome! Good for you girl!
And lastly, will you make me a cute, wonderful, beautiful picture to go on the top of my blog like yours? I think we've been in Omaha long enough now. It's time for a change. But I'm not creative and cute like you. I will love you forever....okay I already will but I'll extra love you.

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