Sunday, January 3


Dear Readers,

Remember a long long long time ago when all I wrote about was my silly trip to the Holy Land (aka Cabo San Lucas)?? And then all of a sudden I just stopped and didn't post pictures and didn't say a darn thing about the trip? Did anyone catch onto that? Yeah well, a week before we left for Cabo last year - Mommy Dearest caught the SWINE FLU!!! Here are some of my favorite H1N1 themed pics:

Isn't this just the cutest thing ever??

Look at the joy in her eyes - she dodged the piggy bullet.

Precious, really.

So romantic. So hygienic.


This one is intriguing to me - Why is he in a gas chamber WWII mask? And more importantly, why is he sitting on a toilet? What does this portray in regards to H1N1?

Now I know what you're thinking - "WTF Katie? Blogging about Swine Flu? That is so 2009." And yes, you would be right about that, but you see, it is key to the point of this post. So back before our trip, I was on everyday making sure it was safe to go to that particular region of Mexico. Even up until the day of our trip - there was no sign of it in Cabo. But because my mom was sick in the hospital with it... we had to cancel. Ironic, huh? But now the trip has been rescheduled for tomorrow!! What a wonderful holiday break: Birthday, Christmas, New Years, and now MEXICO!

I do have a slight sore throat today, but I'm sure it's nothing...

Happy Holidays everyone!!!


Heather & Kayson Gines said...

i want to go so bad i can taste a cold drink and the hot sun on my white skin....I HATE YOU!
p.s. have fun ...i guess!

Jessica said...

wish i was there!

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