Wednesday, December 29

Poor Kid

That's just too bad! Breaks my heart.

Monday, December 20

Weird Christmas Moment

This is the most uncomfortable Christmas pairing I've ever seen! Bowie and Bing? I often want to sit in on the creative meetings where they come up with these ideas. The history of this song is funny and interesting. The 'peace on earth' bit was written right then and there because Bowie thought the song was lame. Niiice. I totally agree with Bowie. Little Drummer Boy is my least favorite Christmas song.

Be sure to check out the remake, too. It's delightful.

Friday, December 17

Friends on Friday

Sorry this was late! I kind of forgot it was Friday. I know - I'm 14 and I'm and idiot.

Rudolph the Regular Reindeer

Nothin' special here but another funny claymation vid.

Monday, December 13

Friday, December 10

Quarter of a Century

Hello!! I know. I've neglected you and I'm sorry. I've been... busy.

Ryan understands. Don't you Ryan?

He just gets me. Have a great weekend my darlings and come to my party if you're in town!

  • I'd totally go out with this guy. What a charmer!
  • Further proof that this girl is an idiot. Role model for 8-year-olds much? I can't handle her. 
  • This kid has big dreams and high hopes for his life. And he's documenting it.
  • Wanna get me a bday gift? This is the only thing I want. I'm serious. One in every color please.

Friends on Friday

Ha haha ... fetus. (HB to me!)

Monday, December 6

I need this vaccine

...because sometimes I rock leggings as pants - that's it. Sometimes. Ok fine. I'm a victim of this horrible sickness. Sheesh! Quit yelling at me!

Friday, December 3

The future of video games

I'm definitely getting this game. Just kidding, I already have it. Just kidding, I invented it. Just kidding just kidding just kidding kidding kidding.

Friends on Friday

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