Friday, April 2

Ladies Room

Is going to the ladies room a stressful time for you? Do you usually wait until you get home so you can do your business in the comfort of your own bathroom? I have good news for you! Red Robin is aware of these struggles we as women have and they have done their best to make us feel as comfortable as possible in their stalls.

On my last trip to Red Robin (I'm so sorry Janessa! I went there without you.) - this is the art that was on the ladies restroom walls:

Very inspiring, no? I honestly think that Red Robin thinks we are all a bunch of pervs! I mean come on. And it's not that I don't appreciate the hotness of these photos... it's just that if I wanted to be visually assaulted, I would creep on over to the Abercrombie to get my fix, not at my favorite burger joint.

So the best part about this is - as I was taking pictures of these amazing photographs, a girl about my age walks in on me and I was caught! You should have seen her face! Now this girl thinks that I'm the perv! Thanks Red Robin. Gosh.

ps Have you tried putting malt vinegar and Red Robin seasoning on the steak fries?? I could just die they are so delicious.

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