Sunday, December 28

Benvenuti a casa Sorella Barth!

Sophie Rose is back from her mission to Rome, Italy! It is soooooo good to have you back, Soph! Her homecoming talk was solid and inspirational (as always) and the breakfast afterward was about the same. Sophie's mom, Megan, is the best cook I know. I have been lucky enough to take cooking lessons from her and let me tell you: she's a genius in the kitchen. She served homemade keeshes with all crazy different mix-ins like crab and wasabi! So great. It was fun to see all the old high school guys... I'm glad they are still single with me. Good times! Anywho, welcome back Sophie! Proud of you.

Saturday, December 20

Best Movie I saw in Oh-Eight

I am not an acclaimed critic by any means, but I must tell you about the best movie I saw in 2008: Slumdog Millionaire. It is rated R, but I'm pretty sure it's rated on India terms. There was nothing too intense about it. Just one f-bomb that I can remember. But, it's worth it. It's amazing. I would recommend this movie to anyone! I would recommend this movie to my mother. Go see it.
ps. I also really loved Dark Night, but that's a given, I think.

Friday, December 12

Kate's Salt Lake Restaurant Review

My good friend, Bob, recently discovered an article in one of the local papers on the best restaurants in the Salt Lake area. So he recruited me to join him in visiting every restaurant on the list and seeing for ourselves.

My latest favorite is Faustina. When people ask me what kind of food it is, I don't really know what to say except for "it's a mix of meat, pastas, fish, breads.... I don't know! It's just really delicious." I've heard it categorized as New-American. Whatever that is. The pricing is mid range. The food is creative and very very tasty (their house salad is awesome, and I could eat the rosemary bread with basil olive oil and vinegar all night long!). The service is slower, but very attentative - As I walked up to the front door, the host hurried and opened the door for me before I got to it. The atmosphere is awesome! The decor is very mod and the paint colors they have chosen are soothing and subtle. If you want to go on a cozy romantic date or even out with the girls, this is the place to go. If you do try it, tell me what you think!

Monday, December 1

I'm going a bit nuts!!

So it's been a long stinking time since I've last posted. To my dear readers (you two, you know who you are) I sincerely apologize. Here is my brilliant excuse: SCHOOL IS KICKING MY BUTT!!! But I love it. I really really love it. I was thinking back to what I was doing last year at this time: the only pressing thing on my schedule was planning my company party. Compared to now...ugh. I have a billion things to do! Finals, singing, work, Christmas, studying, working, dating... my schedule is nuts! So I am sorry to those of you that I have neglected as of late. I really am sorry. That is my goal this Christmas break - be a better friend and visit all of you wonderful people.
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