Monday, December 7

Family Ward

This video is hilarious. Thanks to Jon Wing for sending it to me today. My favorite line: "I've loved you since you left Laurels"

Twilight Years from Tom on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 5

I love technology.

Not one post from me this whole semester! Do you hate me? Have you lost interest? Well guess what? I'm back. For good this time. Finals will be over in 2 weeks and then you're just gonna get sick of me!

So the other day I was talking with some coworkers and we were reminiscing about all the technology that started to come about and remembering where we were when it all happened. Remember when the only thing we could really do on computers was type up a document on a blue screen and absolutely no font options? And the only games we had were stuff like Oregon Trail and Paper Boy? And then we got internet and it was a miracle. I remember when the internet was so stinking slow! Remember the sound it made when you tried to log on? And what in the heck did we used to do on the internet? Chat rooms? Email? There really was nothing else interesting to do was there? My mom banned chat rooms and required that I give her the password to my email account so she could check it regularly. There was a long period of time where I didn't even know the password to the internet - my mom had to log me on!

I remember my very first email account: and old childhood (and beyond) friend, James Marshall, set it it up for me... It was and I was 13. Yes. I was the 54th hot babe to sign up for hotmail. Amazing really. I did not have a cell phone until after high school. I knew only 1 person who had and iPod, and it was one of those huge chunky ones with the 5 buttons on the front. I remember the first time he let me see it - I was so envious. It's funny to think that now my beautiful iPhone does pretty much anything I need (there's an app for that).

So what are things going to be like in 5 years? 10 years? What are my children going to have as just normal technologies in their lives?

Maybe this?

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